The chrome extension to present your screens.


Features You'll Love.

It's free! It's small yet effective tool for screen capturing. It lets you plan, capture, upload, edit and share screen in a matter of seconds. Our support team from Third Rock Techkno is just an email away and available 24x7.

Quick Access

Access in a single click combined with our intuitive design has made it easy for you to create your annotated presentations. No hassles to fill up the Signup form or searching the toolbar to find the right tool. It's all laid up for you.

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Highlight important points and issues impactfully and make the presentation more comprehensive. Annotation helps to edit captured screen using various tools like shapes, arrows, text, brush, pencil and different colors.

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Download & Print

Easily download the annotated screen to their specific folder and can use it in any presentation or as an attachment. Or print the same on the go.

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Save & Share

Save your annotated screens to the desktop, upload it to google drive and access or share it anytime anywhere with this functionality it's going to be indispensable annotation companion of all time.

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Slack Integration

Do you communicate with your client or employees using Slack? Yes! Quick capture has best option to share annotated screen directly to the particular person or channel using integrated Slack app.

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My Storage

Quick capture has its cloud to store images and history so one can store annotate screens to the Quick capture storage and can use later.

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